Critical Mass Global Shares 3 Methods of Stay on Top
01 Dec 2017

Critical Mass Global Shares 3 Methods of Stay on Top

Dwayne Johnson had said, Success isn’t always

01 Dec 2017

Dwayne Johnson had said, Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” For Critical Mass Global, our only goal is to stay ahead and stay the best. No one gets successful overnight and leaders aren’t at the top if they’re always behind. “Success comes from maintaining a positive attitude, carrying your passion and results come towards by staying strong and focused,” says Jherinson Almonte, Managing Director of Critical Mass Global. We made a list to see what strategies help at our firm. We’ve come up with three of these ways to implement for our team and make sure everyone is getting some success. At Critical Mass Global, we firmly believe these have helped us stay on top and can work for you as well!

Mistakes are Inevitable


Everyone makes mistakes. But what are you changing to fix them? Are you learning from them? In the business industry, we have so many different ways of doing things. Sometimes not everything is a big hit. If you’ve been trying to stay on top but haven’t seen results, make sure you analyze what you’re doing wrong. “Mistakes help us learn and better ourselves not to make it again,” says Jherinson Almonte of Critical Mass Global.


Put Responsibilities First

What’s essential and priority? That should be on the top of your list. Which means you need a list, make a list of what is relevant on your goal list. Everything else under it doesn’t need to be done right away. Simple things such as, don’t spend money on things you don’t need. When you figure out what’s crucial to you and what isn’t you’re able to perceive things for as they are. It’ll help you accomplish success because that’s the only thing you’re focused on.

Be Realistic

Human beings are not programmed to be robots. We have professional and emotional lives to take care of. When an individual overworks as though you are a robot, they will burn out fast. It’s your responsibility to draw a line between too much and too little. If you find yourself getting 2 hours of sleep every night, then maybe you’re burning yourself out! We understand that pressure is a potent force, but take time to relax and clear your mind. “Be realistic towards your success,” says Jherinson Almonte of Critical Mass Global.


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