About Us

Critical Mass Global was established for one

Critical Mass Global was established for one reason: To help local, national and international brands hit their customer acquisition targets. We’re a fairly young company but one that has achieved an amazing reputation within the outsourcing world. That’s a result of our professional, focused and friendly service.

Deciding to outsource is a big decision for any executive to make and one not to be made lightly. Also having a good industry reputation is key to attracting the right kind of clientèle. Critical Mass Global understand the importance of focusing on making the right decisions not the easy decisions. And when it comes to representing our current clients we put that into practice. This approach is partly why we have achieved massive success in a short period of time.

Brand Representation

As an outsourcing company we have to 100% embody the brand we are representing. This means that we have to represent the brand as if it were our own. This strategy helps us make better customer service decisions which encourage long term customer sustainability. A customer that continues to use a product or service is way more valuable than someone that buys the brand as a once off. The reason it is so important to promote continual use is because it takes the same amount of energy to attract that one person in the first place. Secondly, it’s harder to attract new customers than it is to sustain existing customers.

Increasing your customer base is about how well you can sell and promote your product or service. This is where Critical Mass comes in. We are proud to say that we have worked with some major players in the market place. Our immediate goal is to maintain our current clients and move into other cities around the USA. Our medium term goals include representing new clients in a variety of industries.