Critical Mass Global Shares The Importance of Networking in Business
01 Sep 2017

Critical Mass Global Shares The Importance of Networking in Business

Networking in the business industry is a

01 Sep 2017

Networking in the business industry is a very valuable way to gain knowledge, learn from other like-minded individuals, and gain new clients/customers. It’s also an excellent way to expand by word of mouth or presence. “Networking is one the most important skills for business people and entrepreneurs. Just by being in an environment that has entrepreneurial perspectives and people that can help build strong relationships are the type of bonds that are incredible for growth in one’s career,” mentions Jherinson Almonte, managing director of Critical Mass Global.


There are a lot of benefits to networking. For starters, you’ll generate increased business. Which is how you meet new clients. It also opens the door for connections, or new people you can get to know professionally. If you really want to succeed and go further, having a source of valuable connections will make that happen for you. Attending networking events opens the gateway to speak with highly successful and influential individuals that you would not have the chance to do elsewhere.


“Speaking to like-minded individuals can also create value for yourself. You will get the chance to discuss matters on all types of levels. It lets you tap into expertise and get solid advice from people that have been there, done that — and actually know how to help you improve yourself,” notes Jherinson Almonte of Critical Mass Global.


One thing for sure is that the people you hang around do make a difference on you tremendously. If you’re around individuals that are not capable of keeping the same drive and strive as you towards success, chances are you won’t want to keep that part of you alive. Being around and regularly networking pushes you to be near positive individuals that share the same goal. Their goal is to be successful, as well yours. “Have you ever met someone extremely successful, or an entrepreneur? They’re always radiant and positive; they look at everything with strength and that is the type of influence you need to be around to make it towards success,” says Jherinson Almonte of Critical Mass Global.


Last but not least, networking events let you socialize in a friendly manner. Through this, you get the opportunity to connect and perhaps make a life-long friend. Better yet, it counts as work because you’ll be marketing your business, as well as yourself while gaining the best connections in your field.


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