Why use Critical Mass Global to

Why use Critical Mass Global to increase my customer base? Our industry reputation is second to none. We have worked within the telecommunications, charity, home insulation and entertainment sectors. So, with our varied experience across different industries you can be assured that our sales techniques and tools can be adapted to work with your product or service. The only real way of finding out is by giving us a try.

How has Critical Mass Global managed to grow in tough economic times? The answer to this question is simple – there is a massive demand for the service we provide. Its clear looking at today’s market that every brand could use a few more customers. This is exactly what we do, we gain our clients new customers using face to face sales techniques. Our other ‘not so secret’ secret is that we specifically target consumers geographically. We canvas vast areas to attract as many customers as possible.

What are the major differences between outsourcing and developing an in house office to manage my companies sales needs? This decision will depend wholly on what your companies goals are and what the budget is you have to spend. Outsourcing is normally the cheaper option as it not only saves you money but also valuable time spent on training your in house office. When outsourcing you know that the company managing your sales, it’s all they do! So if it is their speciality you can assume that they do it well. Whereas managing an in house office can be troublesome as your focus is also on other parts of your business. We tell our clients to focus on what they do best – providing a quality product and we focus on what we do best which is delivering that quality product to their end users.