Who We Are

Critical Mass Global is a business that

Critical Mass Global is a business that helps other companies acquire more customers, and there is obviously a lot of businesses in the world that need more customers. This is not a trend that’s ever going to go away! But right now we have a large demand for our services, and we don’t have enough experts to meet that demand.

We have built a great relationship with our clients which is why we take every precaution to maintain that. This is why Critical Mass are selective when it comes to who we chose to represent our clients to their end consumers.

We are experts in selling and promoting brands on a face to face basis and there are various benefits to using a direct marketing company…

  • Helps increase market share faster
  • Creates mass brand awareness
  • Minimal risk when a company decides to outsource their sales target needs.
  • No need to train and manage an in house office. This reduces company expenditure.
  • The brand message can easily be changed when using face to face marketing. If your product strategy changes during a TV commercial it’s costly and time consuming to change everything. With direct marketing all it requires is changing what we verbally say to the end consumer.

Critical Mass Global Strategies

Critical Mass Global decide on strategies that are going to guarantee us the best long term result. Acting with honesty and integrity when developing those relationships with a brands’ potential customers is important. Doing this ensures not only long term results but also long term success. We know that when we work with a brand, its an enormous responsibility. Many CEO’s have created their company from scratch so how they are represented they take personally. It is more personal to them than it is personal to us.

The Managing Director of Critical Mass Global agrees. He says. “Starting a company is a risky business, especially with the statistics of how many new businesses fail within their first year. I created Critical Mass to help new and established companies alike to build themselves a strong future in the marketplace.”